What We Do

The Liquidation Connection specializes in turning Manufacturing Rep product samples into cash, freeing up space for next season’s samples.

Many of our partners want to liquidate their samples but lack the time it takes to do a thorough inventory before sending it to us. So we have developed a convenient service program where we send you a deposit, receive your merchandise, promptly inventory it for you, and send you the balance. This has become a very popular program for many of our Manufacturer’s Reps, saving them valuable time. We respond promptly to all offers, and have the ability to make immediate buying decisions.

rep samples liquidation

Our policy is to have your merchandise shipped promptly and pay you immediately, permitting you the ability to re-invest in new inventory.

Many of our suppliers have counted on us for years to move their excess inventories and product samples. Inventory ships to our Chattanooga, TN location where we sell it to secondary market discount and surplus stores or channels – far away from your everyday distribution channels. You can be confident that your merchandise will always be re-distributed as discreetly as possible.

We buy from principals only.