The Importance of Liquidation

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In today’s economy, efficient inventory management is more important than ever. With banks and lenders continuing to squeeze credit limits, liquidation is now considered a smart business strategy rather than a company’s last resort. Small businesses need the services of The Liquidation Connection to minimize exposure and maximize inventory turns.

Manufacturer Rep Samples

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Why let your resources stay tied up in product samples? Most Manufacturer’s Reps are required to pay for their product samples, which decreases overall profit margins each season. Then there is the space needed to store these samples.

Many reps resort to selling their product samples to their own account base which has the net effect of reducing wholesale sales volume and subsequent commissions. Others let them sit for years and accumulate dust. Why not let The Liquidation Connection purchase your samples, clean out your garages and warehouses and put money back into your pocket?!


If you’re busy and don’t have the time to inventory everything, just let us know and we’ll send you a deposit, receive and inventory your merchandise, and then send you a check with the accounting!

Overstocks, Closeouts and Obsolete Inventory

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Minimize exposure by selling off bulk inventory before it’s too late. Sitting on merchandise that isn’t selling is dangerous for any company, especially the Small Business owner. In addition to the depreciation of your inventory, there are other costs to holding dead stock inventory: the cost of space (warehouse or retail), the cost of managing the inventory, the interest payable on your inventory, and finally, your credit limit.

The Liquidation Connection can help you with overstocks, closeouts, or obsolete inventory.