About Us

The Liquidation Connection is a professional sales outlet for Manufacturer’s Reps, Wholesalers and Retailers. We turn your aging inventories, product samples, overstocks, closeouts and liquidations into CASH.

Liquidate Rep Samples

Daniel Leake founded The Liquidation Connection as an outlet for small businesses and manufacturer’s reps to liquidate their inventories. While there are many companies that specialize in large liquidations, few are willing to work with one-of-a-kind items, product samples or small lots. The Liquidation Connection fills that need.

The Liquidation Connection has the experience and ability to quickly assess your inventory, determine suitable secondary outlets, purchase it and then liquidate it in alternate markets far from your current distribution channels. Our attitude, experience, integrity and professionalism combine to make The Liquidation Connection a valuable resource your small business can count on.


Client and Vendor Testimonials:

“The National Liquidator Network provides our sales agency with the invaluable resource of a sales sample liquidator. Prior to our finding this resource our sales staff would spend countless hours and days of valuable time managing, sorting and delivering out of date samples to various outlets, and then we would have to wait many months before being paid! Now our field staff can spend time doing what they are best at–writing orders and servicing the current products from the companies we represent to our large account base. The staff receives our samples, provides an accurate inventory, and pays us faithfully. Now our out-of-date samples become an asset instead of a major deduction from our commission income. I would highly recommend their services.” – Peter, Sales Agency Principal for 35 years.


“I have been selling my samples through the National Liquidator Network for quite a while. They have been a terrific and reliable resource for me to work with. We have been selling the samples at the end of the season and they have been quietly moving them through their dealer network. Having National Liquidator Network as an account is a simple and efficient manner for us to move our samples; helping us make room and create dollars to move forward into future seasons in a profitable manner. National Liquidator Network pays promptly and has been a pleasure to work with.” – Michael


“We own several retail stores and had a slower season than expected. This left us a fair amount of merchandise that had to go before we could get the new stock to the retail shelves. National Liquidator Network was recommended to us and they saved the day. We shipped out the excess in a matter of days, got our check and had plenty of room for our new merchandise. Fast, efficient and fair.” – Mike


“National Liquidator Network has been purchasing our sample lines since 2007 and has been perfect for us, especially in terms of payment. We are really glad to have this outlet and recoup some sample money!” – Scott


“We are very pleased with the National Liquidator Network’s services. They are prompt, professional and pay on time. We especially like the inventory service as we never have time to go through all the inventory and samples. We just box them up, they get picked up and then we get the accounting and a check. Couldn’t ask for anything easier!” – David